I visited Celica first back in 2012 while inter-railing across Europe. I had been on the road for almost a month by the time I came to Ljubljana. I was tired, home sick a bit and needed to chill. Celica was my perfect home away home. Moment I stepped in, felt like I had been welcomed into someone’s home. I rested well. Food was fabulous. Met some great travellers from all walks of life. Plus in the garden of Celica I had the honour of listening to a local poet doing a reading from his new book. Loved how events like this would bring locals into the hostel. The best hostels are those where tourists meet locals and becoming a meeting point for exchanging stories and cultures from across the world. Celica is that kind of hostel and a truly unique part of the the heritage and identity of the city-that’s why I keep coming back to Ljubljana and recommending this hostel to my readers.

I stayed in Celica because of its amazing history and heritage. Places like Celica are part of the DNA of Ljubljana and such a big part of the story of this city. Ultimately, you can find great design and comfort anywhere but the history, heritage is what makes Celica a truly unique hostel and one of its kind in the world. You can’t replace that or find that in any other place in Ljubljana or across the world.

Kash Bhattacharya (Budget Traveller; www.budgettraveller.org)

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