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City of Ljubljana

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1000 Ljubljana
Mayor Zoran Janković
Deputy Mayor Janez Koželj

Honorable Mayor Jankovic and Deputy Mayor Koželj,

To my great grief, I have heard that the City of Ljubljana intends to sell the Hostel Celica, regardless of its unquestionable success during the 14 years of its operation in its new function, and its international fame as a remarkable reuse and renovation of a building with a grim history. The
hostel project has achieved a real miracle in turning this building into a center of creative activity, vitality and optimism, which is known and celebrated around the world. The youth of Ljubljana certainly needs and has earned this hugely successful incubator of new culture.

As the designer of one of the former prison cells into a hostel room, I wish to respectfully appeal to your cultural understanding and judgement in protecting the Hostel Celica against the planned sale or
any other abuse.

Helsinki, 13 December 2017

Juhani Pallasmaa
Architect SAFA, HonFAIA, IntFRIBA
Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Aalto University, Helsinki
Academician, International Academy of Architecture Writer
Dr. h.c. of five universities in Finland, Estonia, Romania and the United States
Copy to: Janko Rožič, Architect, Ljubljana